Keep Calm and Love On/ or How Do We Want?

Escrito por Álvaro S. Fernández el 26 feb 2013

Sinopsis: Utilizando la narración transmedia, Keep Calm and Love on cuenta la historia de David Souce, un joven del siglo XXI que decide pensar sobre "querer, tratar de obtener" en un presente caracterizado por lo instantáneo e inmedianto, dónde los medios masivos son transmisores de la verdad y de los cómo.
Puedes ver el proyecto entero en la web de Keep Calm and Love On.

Keep Calm and Love On/ or How Do We Want?
Synopsis: Using transmedia storytelling we tell the story of David Souce, a young from the twenty-first century that decided to think about "want, trying to get" in a present characterized by the instantaneous and immediate life and where the mass media are transmitters of truth and the hows.
You can see the whole project in the web of Keep Calm and Love On.

Produced by Álvaro Sebastián Fernández and 98lab, a project by ZEMOS98 curated by Doc Next Network.